October 5th, 2010

I want to talk about failure!

It’s the thing that keeps us (i.e. me) awake at night: fearing it, replaying past mistakes, obsessing over couldawouldashouldas. So many people (i.e. I) have a negative attitude towards failure when there’s so much more to it. Bumps along the road teach us what didn’t work – and if we’re paying attention, what not to try again. I hate the idea of failing and I know I’m not alone.

Everyone has a fail story to share – whether it’s a project, a manuscript, a relationship, an education… Let’s talk about getting past the fear, getting over the past, and moving towards success in incremental bits. And because sharing my failures isn’t embarrassing enough, I’d like to propose we end with some (low-aerobic) Scottish Country Dancing (link is to youtube). What session on failure is complete without a chance to dance with your colleagues?

Of course, if there’s no interest in #fail we could just dance the whole time. I’d like to find a project linking dancing and digital humanities and maybe something will come up?

[Who am I? Today I’m a sessional (i.e. adjunct) instructor in History and Women’s Studies at the University of Windsor, a social media specialist for Grad Studies and Public Affairs, and a web developer on the side. By training and passion I’m an historian with emphases in feminist, gender, and oral histories. I may be someone else tomorrow.]

2 Responses to “#Fail”

  1. starpause on October 8, 2010 5:52 am

    I overcome fail by setting a small goal. Helps me get out of the gate which would otherwise be a major stalling point. Small goal also means a feeling of accomplishment isn’t far off and once I’ve got that, I let momentum take care of the rest!

    Dancing and digital humanities!!! I’m so interested in recording body movement. Tracermedia did an interesting project called SynchronousObjects around movement data:


    Fun data sets … getting excited for the conference!

  2. Angela Veomett on October 9, 2010 1:10 am

    I’m up for dancing the whole time!

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