Bootcamp Ideas and Offerings

October 5th, 2010

There have been a lot of questions about Bootcamp sessions, so I thought I’d weigh in.  Rather than pre-define these, we’re going to try treating them just like other sessions (the main difference is that they are introductory workshops in digital skills), and they’ll be proposed on Saturday morning, unless folks have the chance to post them here first (please do!).  There will be a chance to combine them with others or break them apart based on interest, skill level, etc., just like sessions.

As a sneak preview though, here are some that have been offered in applications:

  • How to use Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Fusion Tables
  • Basics of Drupal
  • Text analysis
  • Creating taxonomies
  • Linked Data: Creating RDF
  • Linked Data: Using Freebase and ACRE Apps
  • Digital music tools
  • Using Flickr for collections

This is just a sampling.  There were just too many excellent ideas for general sessions and bootcamps to list, but I hope this gives a little better idea of what kinds of things will be on offer this weekend.

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